What makes us tick?
Time is precious. Especially to us.
We believe how it is measured should be a deeply personal reflection of the person travelling through it. A way to stand apart from the herd. So our watches are heirlooms, keepsakes and precious wearable art that won’t be discarded every year, in some bizarre race of mass consumerism that has no finish line.  

What makes us tick is our passion for finding the right timepiece for those who value their individuality.
Our focus is on helping Canadians discerning enough to appreciate form as much as function. 
That’s why we offer such an outstanding selection of remarkable brands.
That’s why we take a genuine interest in who our customers really are, what they do, and the milestones in life that they will measure with our products.
That’s why we can never just sell watches.

Instead, we collaborate with our customers to find unique ways to measure the passing of their time.
To mark the moments that matter. We give them the ability to look down at their wrists and find something more than just the time. To see the face of a lover, to reflect on the generosity of a father, to remember the countless hours spent achieving their dreams.

We are an oasis of personal attention in a desert of jaded, impersonal service. 
We are a one-of-kind destination for those who want how they tell time to be equally unique.


We are WATCH IT! Where time matters more.