Watch Repair

When you purchase from WATCH IT! you are supported by access to our excellent certified repair centers. 



When you purchase a watch in store, we will size it on the spot without charge.  When you purchase on, you are welcome to drop by our Southern Ontario location for a free sizing.


We have a good assortment of Hirsch replacement bands available in store, and often, depending on the age of the watch, original bands may be available to order.   


Battery changes that do not require water pressure testing, can be performed at our location, often while you wait.  And rest assured, all of our watches are eligible for a free regular battery replacement within the first six months after purchase.

Our certified repair centers will handle battery changes for all high-end brands and for any watches where water pressure tests are required.   

Please note, if you purchased a watch with a good degree of water resistance, however, you do not expose your watch to water, you may wish to opt for a regular in-house battery change and save the extra charges that pressure testing requires.  This is always an option when budget is of concern but of course, you must be aware of the extra care needed in future.


Our Water Resistance Guide will give you a general explanation, however, water resistance is complicated, and if you are ever unsure, please reach out to us with your specific piece for a professional and accurate explanation of what you should and should not do while wearing your watch.


Our certified repair centers also perform crystal, crown, gasket, hand, clasp, pin and spring adjustments or replacements.  Movement issues require some diagnostics, but we have yet to find a problem that could not be solved.  If you don’t know what is wrong with your watch, we will be happy to request a quote prior to commencing any kind of repair.


All timepieces benefit from the occasional cleaning and adjustment.  And sometimes a full overhaul and exterior buffing can bring an heirloom back to almost new.  We would be happy to quote on these services.